- Asilah city of Morocco

Assilah or Azila means (the beautiful ) in Amazigh language is located about 46 km south of Tangier, and about 110 km. Of Ceuta. In a plain next to a hill that borders the sea. Next to the modern city, stands the ancient city, languishing behind its beautiful walls defying the ocean for five centuries.

Asilah is now known for its long, fine sand beaches, its meticulous and beautiful medina and the international festivals that take place in the summer, enlivening its streets, attracting numerous artists, journalists, thinkers and politicians from all over the world.

- What to see in Asilah

1. The medina of Asilah:

The walls that surround the old city were built by Alfonso V of Portugal in the 15th century, three doors open to the medina, and these doors are called :

- Bab Homar or Door Earth, with Portuguese signs, which today are almost erased by the passage of time
- Bab Kasba in the north surrounded by gardens and in front of the Muslim cemetery.
- Bab el Bahar Gate of the sea, next to the square Portuguese tower that dominates the whole city.

2. Asilah Palace Raisuni:

- The new city
- San Bartolome Church Asilah