- Dades Valley Place of Morocco

The valley of Dades, or "Road of the thousand Kasbahs " is a spectacular drive winding through stunning desert landscapes, villages and palm groves through the Dades Valley between the Atlas Mountains and Anti-Atlas mountain range, in Morocco. It goes from Ouarzazate to the east of Tineghir and the Gorges of Todra. The route by car is wonderful, with hundreds of kasbahs that the Berbers erected to defend themselves from the invaders and that are dotted throughout the route, meandering through stunning desert landscapes, villages, forests and palm groves...

Once again this valley owes its name to the river that meanders nestled among the mountains along the route, backed by ocher, terracotta and red cliffs, visitors can enjoy the beautiful Kasbah, fortified mansions, mountains traversed by streams, Cliffs, canyons. A variety of landscapes that are really worth visiting. Continuing the road you will see one of the most beautiful rose gardens in the valley.

The Dades Valley has a wild landscape, with snow on one side and a semi-desert, on the other, its wildness and supernatural silence can only be matched by the Grand Canyon. The river Dades crosses the valley through a winding road filled with fruit, nuts, and wheat, birch and almond trees, facing extraordinary scenery of spectacular rock formations.