- Draa Valley Place of Morocco

The Draa valley or “Assif N Dra” in a Berber language is the most beautiful road in Morocco, but also the most winding. The valley of the river Draa has more than 100 kilometres, between Ouarzazate and the desert gates. It is a very green valley with date palms. You can walk through the palm grove; it is very pleasant because the temperature is lower than in the road, due to the shade of the palms. Nor is there so much dust. And you can rest with your feet in the water if you will. There are many paths to walk, which are the paths that people take to cultivate their field, to care for their cattle, goats and sheep, and to return home. On the bank of the river, you can see the Ksar, these impressive adoba fortifications that served to defend the region ..

It is totally recommendable to make this route until M'Hamid where you will arrive until the zone of the dunes. A wild and authentic desert. A road with more than 150 km of route takes us to Zagora. Although the Draa valley begins in Ouarzazate, it remains invisible for 60 km, cutting its way through the earth's crust. It is from Agdz where the river is discovered and the palm groves begin. This town marks the true beginning of the Draa valley. To get to Agdz and therefore the Draa valley, you have to take the winding road from Ouarzazate to Zagora, possibly the most beautiful of all Morocco.

- Around the Draa Valley

If the landscape is arid and barren until reaching Agdz the result is really amazing. The palm groves and fields of cultivation seem to extend to the infinite, surrounded by beautiful towns and Kasbah of adobe. These houses made of mud; straw and water are placed on top of the infertile land overlooking the palm grove.