- Gorge of Todra Place of Morocco

Located on the eastern side of the High Atlas Mountains of Morocco, the gorges of the todra are world-renowned for being one of the most spectacular rock canyons. These gorges lie just twenty-five kilometres north of Tinghir town, the road leading to the gargantuan offers beautiful scenery such as Assoul or Ighri as well as a beautiful view of the majestic palm grove.

Its water is crystal clear, fresh and clean. The cliffs of the gorge each year attract many climbers who come to enjoy their passion. The Gorge of Todra is a place that enjoys a high reputation among climbers, especially Europeans (mostly Spanish and French), although today it has become a huge school. Many tourists also come to refresh themselves and enjoy the beautiful landscapes of the area.

In some places the gorges are only 33 meters wide, but they have cliffs over 100 meters high on each side of the river. The river has dried up, leaving only the imagination to imagine the powerful forces of nature that once carved this region.

The gorges, although located in a remote area of Morocco, are a popular tourist destination and have grown a lot in recent years, equipping themselves with hiking trails and a dirt road in good condition that visitors can travel, despite Who have to share it with mules and other animals.

- Todra Gorge

The Todra gorge is also very visited during the summer by the Moroccans who spend the whole day in it chatting and refreshing by the river's edge.