- Thing to Know : Festivals

Morocco is full of surprises. Morocco offers up a huge selection of different musical genres that you can experience during your trip with Travel At Morocco Tour. From Berber tribal traditions to electronic music festivals and cutting-edge contemporary art exhibitions, there are numerous Morocco festivals to enjoy. So while you’re planning your next trip to this eclectic country, make sure to check out which festivals you don’t want to miss below!

Here, we’ve compiled Information about annual festivals and events in Morocco. Find out what festivals and events are taking place in Morocco so you can plan your trip around them with us.

The beginning of April at Merzouga International Music Festival

The majestic and unique landscape of the dunes of Erg Chebbi, unique and impressive landscape where the sun, the bluesky and the majestic dunes form the ideal of a festival that wants to highlight the natural wealth of the region, the festival grows year after year to consolidate diverse and varied activities with a touch of originality. Sport, with the awareness of the region’s youth in the preservation of nature and industrial workshops, are among the activities scheduled for this edition. The festival also aims to reveal to the public new Moroccan talents and surprising musical encounters between local and international artists.

The beginning of May – Festival of Roses, Kelaa M’Gouna: in the valley of the roses, celebrations are held for 3 days for the end of the harvest of roses, with Berber music.

The end of May - The National Festival of Folklore in Marrakech.

The National Festival of Popular Arts in Marrakech in 1959. The objective pursued by the monarch is still in force today and basically seeks to preserve and show the richness of the oral heritage, culture and arts of the Alawi Kingdom. The Moroccan musical and artistic legacy is displayed every year in the gardens of the Badii Palace and Le Village.

The month of June . The Festival of Cherries

Its organized in the city of Sefrú . They celebrate , for three days , the natural beauty and cultural richness of its region, symbolized by the cherry and the election of the new Queen of the Cherries of the year, chosen after a contest that attracts numerous candidates from the region and from all over Morocco.

Mid-June – Gnawa Festival in Essaouira: African-Moroccan Tribal Gnaoua music and culture festival held annually

Every year, Essaouira dresses its best galas to receive the Festival Gnaoua and World Music. Mogador is offered in the streets, squares, beaches, souks and other public places where the show unfolds with an impressive festive atmosphere. Large stages are placed in the Muley Hassan Square and in Bab Marraquech, becoming the city in the Woodstock of Morocco.

The mid- July – Festival Gnawa in Khamlia or Merzouga

Meeting of the people of the desert villages where the tribes of the Gnawas invite them to eat,dances and make rituals of protection.

Mid-July – National Festival of Popular Arts in Marrakech

Recognized since 2005 by UNESCO as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. It takes place in the best spaces of the city, such as the gardens of the Menara, Palmeral, El Badi Palace.

From 22 to 25 July - The Timitar Festival in Agadir/b>

It gathers on stage every year figures of Berber music and international stars. Timitar means sign son in the Berber language

The end of July – Asilah festival.

Since 1978, the coastal town of Asilah in the north of Morocco is the annual headquarters of the Asilah Arts Festival, a multidisciplinary and international event that includes a wide range of activities, mostly open to participation.

Mid-September – Imilchil wedding festival, a Berber festival around the celebration of collective marriages in Imilchil, in southern Morocco, is a tradition that survives at the cost of paying the toll of the formalisation and opening to tourism.

The end of October _ Taragalt festival in M’hamed EL Ghezlan. is an annual event that presents the art and culture of the desert to promote the ancestral heritage of this region. To the program: songs, desert songs, poetry, folk tale. All this during three holidays.

November and December – The Marrakesh International Film Festival, founded in 2000, is the main film festival in Morocco, and the usual shooting site for international productions. The festival is celebrated annually.