- Gorge of Dades Place of Morocco

The road from Boumalen Dades , the valley narrows, the vegetation becomes more scarce, it enters the gorges of the Dades. Then you will see two cliffs of 300 meters high, separated by a narrow corridor of about twenty meters. An unforgettable show. From there the road will take you to the Toudgha, access is difficult, but worth it.

Famous for its landscapes and the hospitality of its inhabitants (the Berbers), the "Fingers of the Apes", a rocky landscape known as "the brain of the Atlas"), the Kasbahs and the picturesque views that make up the Landscape of the High Atlas, "Tissadrine" a deep ravine of many meters of unevenness in which the road meanders to connect with the valley of Msemrir. The valley of the Dades gorges, 25 km long, is one of the most interesting in southern Morocco. The landscape is beautiful, the houses merge with the rocks and the river Dades runs slowly from high plateaux of limestone.

The route through the gorges of the Dades is composed of more than 60 km of asphalted road to Msemrir from where the sand track starts only practicable by off-road vehicles. The gorges of the dades are actually formed by two different gorges, the Gorge of Dades and the Gorge of Sidi Boubker.