- Thing to Know : Beaches

Enjoy the sand between your toes and the warm Moroccan breeze through your hair. Morocco has plenty beaches where you can work on your tan or take a long walk. Check the guide below to find the nearest beach.


Located on the Atlantic coast in southwest Morocco a number of the beach-side hotels have sections of the beach exclusively for the use of their guests, but there are still plenty of long sandy beaches for locals and tourists alike.


With a prime location on Morocco’s windswept Atlantic coast, just north of Agadir, Taghazout beach has made a name for itself as one of the country’s top surfing destinations. Running for just under four miles (six kilometers), the sandy beach south of Taghazout town is lined with hotels, restaurants, bars and surf shops, with ample opportunities to rent boards, learn to surf or join a beachside yoga class. Numerous surfing outfitters dot the sand, teaching visitors a thing or two about hanging ten.


Also known as the “Blue Pearl”, this gorgeous beach is located in the province of Berkane. It’s easy to see where it got its nickname as the clear turquoise water just beckons you in. The charming new resort community offers old Moroccan architecture mixed with modern luxuries. The resort area is a great place for relaxing under eucalyptus trees, boating, sailing, and diving all along the beach.

Grottes d'Hercules

Located on the Atlantic Coast of Tangier The beach at Grottes d'Hercules is generally clean and pleasant and tends to be very full during the holiday months of July and August. The only drawback is that the water here is noticeably colder than the Mediterranean beaches of Tangier.


Located in the Morocco-administered Western Sahara on the Atlantic coast This beach is mainly used by fisherman and is simply too littered for bathing or sun tanning. If you enjoy photography, there is a lot of attractive scenery and colorful wooden fishermen boats.

Plage Quemada, Al Hoceima

Located in the center of the Rif Mountains on the Mediterranean coastline in the north of Morocco. This beach has a reputation for always being busy and crowded; however this is no reason to stay away. It is a very clean, picturesque and pleasant beach.

Asfiha, Al Hoceima

Located in the centre of the Rif Mountains on the Mediterranean coastline in the north of Morocco. Asfiha beach is not recommended for swimming or beach walks since the water is very shallow (about 1 meter) and the sand dirty and sticky. If you do go here you will find that there is a nice view of the Spanish Island a few hundred meters from the shore.

El Jadida

Located on the Atlantic coast about 110 miles north of Marrakech. The beach is close to town, clean and pleasant. The people are friendly and outgoing.


Located about 10 kilometres north of Asfi on the Atlantic coast. This is the cleanest and most popular beach in Morocco even though the waters are not very safe for swimming. The tourists enjoy the sand, sun tanning and the tranquility.

Tangier Town Beach

Located where the Mediterranean meets the Atlantic Ocean in northern Morocco. This beautiful beach is surrounded by mountains and the white washed houses of Tangier and is very popular with both locals and visitors.


Located in the Tangier-Tetouan region in northern Morocco. This beach is very clean, popular, friendly and wonderful for swimming even though the waves can be a bit dangerous. There are lifeguards on duty all day.


Located on the Atlantic coastline the long sandy beaches of Casablanca are dotted with resorts and hotels. The majority of the beaches are geared up for tourist trade and offer a range of facilities and water sports.